Project Consulting Services has created a very efficient and process oriented system internally, which is designed to deliver speed, reliability and efficiency. In developing this, Pcs has leveraged several industry best practices, and building customized lean systems that enable customer success.

Some of these best practices in use at PCS are:

Net Promoter Score: PCS uses the NPS (Net Promoter Score) system for assessing the customer satisfaction index and centers the customer experience improvement program on the feedback received from clients. We are proud to have an average score above 60 last year, and in the NPS world, any score above 50 is considered great!

Kaizen: The Kaizen philosophy is a part of PCS’s HEART and enables tremendous growth and learning for individuals, teams, departments and management. It is a strong anchor that binds the organization together, in the quest for continual improvement.

Rockefeller Habits: All the 3 major pillars of the Rockefeller habits – Priorities, Data and Rhythm are closely knitted into our operational strategy and is an integral part of the daily rhythm at PCS.