Automotive components, being a long life-cycle product, requires a multi-year life cycle management program for which it is critical to develop and maintain an efficient after-market supply system. The industry also faces the challenge of managing several years of historic data on each critical product and component to support customers throughout the product lifecycle and meet its legal and environmental regulations.

Pcs’s Enterprise Content Management services manage product data, inventory data, CAD data, after-market data and compliance data (REACH, GADSL) for the Automotive industry.

We facilitate automotive component manufacturers to save precious time, resources, and money by integrating their purchase database across locations and getting it in synchronization with accepted industry standards to improve internal content, manage data efficiently and streamline operations.

Our services:

Master Data Management

Automotive Product Information Management (Content collection, transformation, and catalog management)
Aftermarket Parts Cataloging: Product Information Exchange Standard (PIES) and Aftermarket Catalog Exchange Standard (ACES) mapping
Product Information Management Services
Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) Data Services

Engineering Services

System Design
PCB Design
Mechanical Design
Manufacturing Support
Product Cost Reduction

Component Engineering

Component Data Management
BOM Cleansing
Obsolescence Management
BOM Cost Reduction

Environmental Compliance

Automotive Compliance Support (GADSL)
Green Compliance Support (REACH, RoHS, ELV)