Storage Terminals/ Piping Projects
Scope of work

Piping 2D/3D Modeling:

Performing piping studies
Preparation of preliminary piping layout including nozzle orientation
Preparation of preliminary & detailed GADs, BOMs/ MTOs etc
Preparation of equipment Datasheets
Preparation of design basis and standard drawings
Preparation of piping material specifications (PMS)
Preparation of Line list according to P&ID
Preparation of Isometrics
Final GADs/BOM
IFC isometrics

Stress Analysis:

Preparation of Critical line list from piping line list according to design standard
Modeling in software like PLANT 3D and PDMS for isometrics drawing
Prepare stress isometrics
Nozzle data sheet

Piping Support Engineering:

Special supports preparation
Preparation of data sheets and requisition for spring hangers, expansion joints, snubbers, slide plates, etc.
Pipe Support Layouts
Pipe Support Detail Drawings
Pipe Support Markings based on industry standards and special requirements
Standardization of Pipe Supports