Is your engineering team unable  to meet goals, with available resources ?

Do your ideas take more time and money to turn into a product ?

With Project Consulting Services you can put an end to all of these problems at one shot ! We PCS  deliver the best in-class  Mechanical Product Design, Plant Design Engineering, Electronic Design, Component Engineering, Environmental Compliance and related engineering services to clients across the globe. If your product development is moving slower than the speed of current technology and competition, we are here to serve you.

At PCS, we are focused on quality, irrespective of the size, scale or sector of our projects. Our team of experts in different field, committed to finding the efficient, reliable and best solutions for our clients. Our one word philosophy is ‘Kaizen’ which means ‘Change for the Better’ in Japanese. It is ‘Kaizen’ all the way through in all areas of our business.

The engineering offerings from PCS are focused on five areas to support clients’ needs across industries:

Electronic Product Design Mechanical Product Design Plant Design Engineering Environmental Compliance Component Engineering
Hardware Development Concept Design Process Engineering RoHS Obsolescence Management
PCB Design Engineering Analysis Piping Engineering REACH Item Master Consolidation
FPGA Detail Engineering Mechanical Engineering Conflict Minerals BOM cost Reduction
Software Development Technical Documentation Civil & Structural Engineering Consulting Services
Reference Designs Support Services Electrical Engineering
Procurement Engineering