PCS’s Data Transformation Services enable Electronics manufacturing companies to efficiently manage their component databases residing in PLM, PDM and ERP systems.

Do your engineers spend a lot of time searching for parts in the PLM/ERP systems? Are your component descriptions as good as you would like them to be?

As an industry characterized by constant growth and fast evolving technologies, the electronics industry finds it challenging to keep the data systems up-to-date, streamline and maintain internal operations to avoid inefficiencies in engineering, production and supply chain management. The problems usually arise when consolidating data from disparate systems and non-standard formats.

Our services enable organizations to develop a ‘Golden Database’ of components, which is clean, unique, up-to-date and has information that is mission-critical for engineering, supply chain, purchasing and manufacturing. We also remotely maintain this database on an on-going basis to ensure consistency and accuracy of data.

Our services enable customers to:

Create and update electronic component databases with detailed part parameters, compliance information, electro-mechanical parameters, packaging information, and other custom fields
Dramatically improve ROI on enterprise software systems
Identify high risk components based on lifecycle status
Plan for component obsolescence
Improve management of in-bound supply chain
Prevent sourcing delays caused by incorrect part data
Identify buying patterns across locations
Reduce procurement costs