PCS provides a range of custom electronic design services, including circuit board design, FPGA design, PCB layout and embedded software development.

Electronic Product Design System development has become a very crucial process, which needs to be considered for the long term roadmap of a product as well as the dynamic market. Whether the need is to create a new product or extend an existing product line with a new functionality, our team of designers work closely with you, right from Concept Development, through Design & Development, Testing and Deployment. With over various successful design projects delivered, our industry experience in electronic product design is extensive.

PCS’s Electronic Design Services are very-much in demand by OEMs that are looking for high quality System Design, FPGA Design, PCB Layout and allied services that can enable them to accelerate their go-to-market speed, while reducing overall product development costs.

Our services include:

Hardware Development
Software Development
PCB Design
FPGA Design