Project Consulting Services is a leading provider of FPGA design services to electronics OEMs and product development companies across US, Canada, UAE and Singapore.

PCS has been specializing in FPGA Design for over a decade and understands the needs of the market very well. With experience in VLSI design and FPGA programming, our team has been a reliable systems design partner for clients worldwide, enabling them to reduce design cycle period and costs.

Our approach of early prototyping on FPGA platforms provide faster turnaround time for validating proof of concept of new IP, integration of new IP among others. Some of our designs adopt mixed programmable design platforms because of the flexibility it offers in capturing various types of signals and adding unique requirements that address a specific market or design criterion.

PCS’s FPGA Design Services include:

Planning, Specification and Device Selection
Core and IP Strategy
Design, Coding and Verification (VHDL, Verilog, System)
Place-and-Route and Timing Optimization
FPGA-Based System Board Design and Debug Capability
Place-and-Route and Timing Optimization
Concept Validation and FPGA to ASIC Migration
Board Support Package (BSP) for different platforms