Project consulting services has extensive experience in the implementation of Data acquisition system with data logger, HMI, PLC and PC based SCADA systems for the oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical and water and wastewater industry.  As part of industrial automation service provider, we have undertaken projects that have ranged in size from single programmable logic controllers installations to multiple sites using advance communications systems to link remote sites to centralized monitoring and control stations. PCS uses a systematic approach to develop a user-friendly, professional, and high quality control systems.

We will provide following Data acquisition system with HMI and SCADA design services to our clients for :

  • Detailed Process and PLC I/O and interconnection diagrams
  • Detailed Plant control system network
  • In-house industrial grade Testing Laboratory for actual project equipment to ensure a fully tested and operational system before it is implemented on site.
  • On Site Acceptance Testing to verify all I/O tags and each component, system, and the overall facility.
  • Development of procedure and system manual Documentation of the Control System so the owner will have a source of reference for operations, maintenance, and any future upgrades to the control system.
  • Development of Full Control System Architecture Network Diagrams for plant.