Detailed Engineering Services

PCS’s Detailed Engineering Services

Project Consulting Services provides  full definition of every aspect of a project development. It includes all the studies to be performed before project construction starts. we gives solution confirming to  global standards such as API,BIS, ASTM, ASME ,TEMA, DIN, NFPA standards.  Our 2D to 3D conversions can transform  2D images to accurate 3D models, which provides easy visualization and helping in faster project completion.

PCS’s Detailed engineering follows Front End Engineering Design (FEED) and Basic Engineering previous steps on the engineering process for a project development, it contains in detail diagrams and drawings for construction, civil works, instrumentation, control system, electrical facilities, management of suppliers, schedule of activities, costs, procurement of equipment, economic evaluation and also environmental impacts before starting of construction of a project

We have provided our detail engineering services in the following fields:

2D/3D Part and Assembly Modeling
Thermal, Mechanical and Structural Design as per  API, ASME,TEMA, IS etc. Std
Manufacturing Drawings Generation
Tolerance Stack-up and GD&T as per ASME 14.1
Tool & Fixture Design
Storage Terminal design as per API and NFPA std.
Piping design as per ASME 31.1 AND 31.3 std.

We also provide related services such as value engineering, reverse engineering, re-engineering and data migration.