Process Engineering Services

PCS’s is a  process engineering services provider for  industries such as oil and gas, chemical, power, water treatment, pharmaceuticals and utilities.

The PCS provides Process Engineering reviews and adaption expertise to clients that enable them to improve the safety, quality, environmental performance, reliability, operability, efficiency and economy of their plants.

Our Process Plant Design uses  basic principles of plant design and shows how the fundamentals of design can be blended with commercial aspects to produce a final specification; and  how theoretical  parameters can be applied to the solution of real problems; and how our extensive  experience  in chemical engineering can best be utilized in the industrial sphere. the client across the globe trust us for our strengths in cost efficiency, design engineering and procurement services management skills and process innovation.

Our Process Engineering services includes :

  • We offers  Model building, Conceptual design, Basic Engineering and Detailed engineering.
  • Our basic engineering design includes documents like Process flow diagrams, utility requirements, P and ID, specification of equipment and bought out items.
  • Our detailed engineering documents include plant/equipment layout with load data (Plan and elevation), structural designs, fabrication drawing for equipment, piping GA and isometrics.
  • We contribute to Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) or Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP) initiatives.
  • we support Management of Change (MOC) activities to ensure that integrity is maintained throughout the design and development process.